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Bii - 轉身之後 《鍾無艷》片尾曲 (完整版 + 歌詞)

To someone~

Im sorrry i really feel very sorry to you..

I dont know what can i do

I just can stand at there seeing you sad and i cant do anything.

Im sorry i break our promise and i never do it.

If you angry me If you scold me,maybe i wont feel that sorry to you.

Eventhough how i hurt you,you stil care about me.

Do you know that will make me feel very sorry to you?

I had loved you but i dont know how to say.

Its not same the feeling.I dont know can say what to you.

Because i know no matter what i say also will hurt you.

So i choose silent.

****,I wanna say i know i very sellfish and bad.But can you forgive me,please? ='(



Tomorrow is the day!! Please give me brave..Please give me courage..

Im so scare now...But feel execited also ;)

Hope everything will be fine soon..

Hope luck will follow me always =)


我贴了Okay膜 =')











我为我自己活,我为我父母活,我为我的未来活. =)



我没必要卑微得渴望你的爱.算了吧. =)




I lie myself . I'm stilll very care him eventhough how he treat me.I'm a rubbish.Why i will like that?='(


I'm will be okay =)

Long time din't updated blog because recently i feel i'm so complicated.

Since he go kl that day..He din't find me..he find me also very COLD. LOL

I had take 2 chance from him before..his answer is "you think too much" or "hahaha" LOL

what a answer??Its make me so suffer.

FInaallly..yesterday he back from kl and i make a desicion the last chance give him.

I ask him "what relation between us?"

He say " Don't know.暧昧关系gua."

I can tell you My heart is direct broken.I can tell you i saw that you sent to me my tears is falling down.

Do you know why?You not willing with me together and you don't honest to tell me.

And then im say " okay" because i really speechlesss.

So i direct remove our relation at facebook.I really don't know you want how.

I GIVE UP .I really give up to you.

DO you know i like you so much?Do you know i everyday on facebook first i will go to your profile see you got online or not.DO you know i keeep again and again see your photo because i missssss you.You don't know that and you don't appreciate it.

Yesterday night...He give me a call..its really shock me..

He say this friday out go movie i say okay..Im really okay that time..Because i want forget him and i wont small gas wont don't want do back friends with him.Im not that girl.

He suddenly say "eh,you don't emo eh"

I tell him" you don't pretend you so know me" LOL

Dont know why..i really so angry he say this to me..

when i like you so much you don't find me..when i give up to you,you pretend care me.

I really dont know what guy are you.You make non-sense.

I din't angry you.I just angry myself.Im sorrry i fall in love with you.Its was accidently.

I wont angry you don't care me because i know i too care you.

IF that you want those relation..sorry i just can sorry..i can't do it..

I will gonna be okay=)

I told you before..Im not that weak..im strong enough =)

you no need too worry about me because I'm Bonnie ;)

know you recently sleep good eat good and life good..Then I'm good too =)

You happy i happy too, you good i good too.

I don't dare ask you how are you recently.Because i scare heard the answer you say you okay.

拿得起,放得下.Im good =)

And i will treat myself so goooood . hahaha

Hope you everyday happy and i wanna say here remember drink more water and take care yourself lah =)


Bonnie Tseu you don't so stupid larh!!

Bonnie Tseu you wake up wake up wake up~!!!! Don't be a stupid!!


Why i tak tau malu d orh!! -..-

Why i tidak tau malu d orh!! =..= 女生还是要矜持点..i Keep remind me ==" ! But it look failed!! 还是算了吧..Tapi can't orh T.T 很矛盾哦.. WHy i tidak tau malu keep find you orh.. Maybe you start feel im annoying -..- Grrrrr... What can i do? you say try relax..i trying ;p