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Bii - 轉身之後 《鍾無艷》片尾曲 (完整版 + 歌詞)

To someone~

Im sorrry i really feel very sorry to you..

I dont know what can i do

I just can stand at there seeing you sad and i cant do anything.

Im sorry i break our promise and i never do it.

If you angry me If you scold me,maybe i wont feel that sorry to you.

Eventhough how i hurt you,you stil care about me.

Do you know that will make me feel very sorry to you?

I had loved you but i dont know how to say.

Its not same the feeling.I dont know can say what to you.

Because i know no matter what i say also will hurt you.

So i choose silent.

****,I wanna say i know i very sellfish and bad.But can you forgive me,please? ='(